Cubikill 2

by Pyrozen Productions
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Nov 14 2013 3:16PM

You can print your butt. Lol.
Mar 10 2011 9:43PM

to kill a fly use yer finger tip top and imagin squishing a fly
u eat it
Dec 4 2010 8:16AM

Just kill all the noobs!
Sep 3 2010 3:14AM

in the cafe get out the nail gun and shoot the black woman and she wont die until you shoot the white dudue and you grt so much money.
Mar 9 2010 7:42PM

burn someone once. leave the room and come back . their face should be blinking. it depends were the person was
Jan 2 2010 8:22PM

you should burn then shoot them
Dec 13 2009 1:25PM
pink guy

when u get to the nerd and black girl take the gun and shoot the black girl first for fifteen times

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