Shopping Street

by flonga
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Apr 16 2012 3:04PM

how to pass level 13
Jan 22 2012 8:25AM

how do u get past level 11?
Aug 31 2011 10:42AM

How do you get more money???
Jul 22 2011 6:20PM

When you have the option to chose whether you want to buy a new shop or upgrade a shop click on the new shop but don't pick where you want to place it yet instead click to upgrade the shop but don't click cancel and afterwards you can still buy the new shop.
Jun 9 2011 1:58PM

sorry that smiley is supposed to be a word

its supposed to say
do whatever you want
Jun 9 2011 1:56PM

Basically to win every level do this:

1:buy salon
2:get enough money to buy bus
3:add newspaper stands in all slots
4o whatever you want!!

(remember to turn on fast mode)
Feb 19 2011 12:40PM

to get past the first 4 levels when you first start you have to put a pet store on the first slot then when you have the money, put a boutique store on the fifth slot . after you do that just put a bench, news stand, music ad and more. once you do all that just upgrade the shops to full and put down more shops and you should complete the first 4 levels... please comment on this or reply!!!
Jan 21 2011 8:35AM
promisebroken the game cheat engine the mini computer on the upper left side of the window
4th. choose your browser(i have firefox) the space after the hex.put the amount of your money in the game and press scan
6th.go to the game and buy a pet shop
7th.go back to cheat engine, change the amount to your money in the game(after you bought the pet shop)(ex:before you buy the pet shop you have a money of 5050 you will type it in the cheat engine and press scan,after you buy the pet shop you will now have 2050,now you will put this in the cheat engine and press next scan)
8th.there now will be one address found,double click it it will appear below
9th.double click the value,a window will appear change the value to your desired amount of money then click ok return to the game and continue you will now have the money you desire
Feb 28 2010 8:52PM

how u beat level 5
Feb 22 2010 11:19PM

how do u beat level 4
Sep 24 2009 1:21PM

finished level 9... FINALLY!
From left to right i had at the end of the game:
NOTE- the number next to shop is the level it was at the end of game.
market 2, electronic shop 2, jewelry 2, furniture shop 1, toy shop 3, boutique 3, pet shop 3 then restraunt 2

From left to right:
bus stop, news stand, music adds, bench, news stand, bench, news stand then bench
Sep 24 2009 11:22AM

put a news-stand in the first and second last position. Then put a pet shop in the second last position. This will give you a $1000 bonus for the first 2 days.
Jul 20 2009 9:54PM

buy pet store put it in the middle put 2 benches on the first two spots put a news stand all the way in the back good luck
Jul 5 2009 12:41PM

Get the pet store first...beror u go 2 ur next day look to c wat u can buy it the shop with the highiest goods...

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