Hannah Montana Wireless Quest

by Disney
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Jun 4 2012 3:49AM
Aaryahi Kumar

if it tells you anythin about food go to the cafe and check the cake if theres a number written by the cream thats the unlock number to the golden lock and after u unlock it go to the library and it will be open . if a pic of milk comes but there is nothing in the cafe then the milk must be guiding u to the moose poster.good luck..............
Dec 29 2009 10:25PM

dont go to the gym theres nothin
Nov 24 2009 6:05PM

at the end of the game go to math look on the math shelf and thers the diary!
Nov 22 2009 3:34PM

you go too the cafatirea and look at the menu and you see j acsons phone number
Jul 14 2009 7:06PM

find everything you can and when you see a note click on it or take a picture
Jun 11 2009 5:48PM

find a star in a locker in the hall
Mar 14 2009 10:06PM

lilly tells you to come dont because if wait awhile all of a sudden you win

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